Take the guesswork out of when to post to Instagram and watch as your engagement rates increase dramatically, all while saving yourself precious time.

This App Just Became a Game-Changer For Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram is a network where every post, every video, every story is very much in the moment. People share and talk about what they're doing right now, regardless of the time of day.

Up early and hitting the gym after the New Year? Check.

Up late working on getting this blog post out in time for tomorrow's news cycle? Check.

As an individual sharing our own personal stories, it's fine to post whenever we feel like it. Our friends either see the posts or don't. No one's counting.

But when it's your business we're talking about, that's a different story.

You better believe we're counting. We're watching how many posts per day, how much engagement each post gets, how much our audience has grown lately, and how that activity is being translated into brand recognition and sales.

The problem, of course, is that only full-time marketers can spend all day on Instagram. The rest of us have jobs to do! Which means we're either limiting ourselves to posting when we have the time, or we're trying to use some of the available scheduling tools to help manage.

This tool, my friends, is a game-changer.

Schedule posts to Instagram in 3 easy steps.

Meet Tailwind.

You've probably heard me talk about Tailwind before - it's my go-to app for managing terrific Pinterest activity. With Tailwind, I can get help determining the best times of the day to post, and use the browser extension to help fill that queue with fantastic pins that my audience will love.

Now, you can too all of that, and more, for your Instagram profile.

"Our mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone," said Tailwind CEO Daniel Maloney. "When we heard such overwhelming demand from our members for more effective and affordable Instagram marketing tools, it became clear we had a big opportunity to help." After reviewing what Tailwind for Instagram offers, I couldn't agree more.

Smart Scheduling

Just like with Pinterest, Tailwind's new Instagram toolkit helps marketers, bloggers and influencers improve engagement with their content on the popular visual social network. That's potentially a big deal for Instagram marketers since Tailwind members have historically gotten four times more engagement on their posts than non-Tailwind users.

What I love about Tailwind's calendar is that it represents the ultimate in flexibility. Instead of a rigid X times per day, across all accounts approach, Tailwind for Instagram allows you to determine specific time slots for specific days. What's more, the app suggests specific time slots for you to add, helping you to completely optimize your sharing schedule.

Tailwind can suggest the perfect time to share to Instagram.

If you're familiar with Instagram, you may already see the incredible potential here. Essentially, every time you share an image to Instagram and tag it, it will briefly appear at the top of each tag's feed, giving you exposure beyond your followers. But if you're posting at a poor time when fewer people are using the network or engaging with that specific tag, you risk wasting that post on a smaller overall audience.

With smart scheduling, you can remove the guesswork from posting times and rely on Tailwind to get you the most exposure and engagement possible.

Easy Sharing

Once you've set up your schedule, you can create shares within the desktop app or mobile app, or use the browser extension!

Tailwind for Instagram provides complete calendaring of posts.

As you fill up your schedule, you can review what you've planned to share at any time. And at each appointed time, your mobile Tailwind app prompts you and aids you the sharing, making it quick and easy to do.

Note that Tailwind, as an official Instagram partner, abides by Instagram's terms of use which state that apps must not schedule and post directly on a user's behalf.

Detailed Reporting

The best part is that as you begin to ramp up your Instagram posting and begin sharing great images at the best possible times, you'll be able to monitor your success right from within Tailwind.

The reporting suite provides performance metrics on your profile that you can use to further enhance and improve your activities, as well as show off to the CEO.

Tailwind for Instagram includes detailed analytics.

Getting Started with Tailwind for Instagram

To get started, go to Tailwind and log in (or create an account if you don't already have one). In the upper left corner click in Manage Accounts and then add your Instagram account. You'll need to log into the account via your browser and authorize Tailwind to manage the account.

Then, you'll be prompted to download the mobile app and sign in there as well. Once you've done that, your Instagram account will be connected.

Note that Tailwind's pricing at the Plus level is per account, so if you're already using Tailwind to manage one or more Pinterest accounts, you'll need to upgrade your Instagram account to a Plus plan separately.

With Tailwind for Instagram, you can now not only schedule, but bulk schedule Instagram posts at the optimum times for your audience. Businesses and marketers that have been hesitant to explore the potential of Instagram need to give this tool a try.

And if you pair it with AgoraPulse for monitoring and responding to comments, you'll have a complete Instagram marketing suite.

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Introducing Tailwind for Instagram

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