Android gets an improved Twitter app, iOS gets updates too

Android gets an improved Twitter app, iOS gets updates too

Twitter announced today that they have refreshed their app for Android, which gives a much more native Android look and feel. It features:

  • "wider and taller timelines that fill the screen"
  • flat navigation bar
  • tap and hold for quick actions
  • navigate between tabs by swiping across the screen
  • auto-suggest usernames and hashtags in search

Additionally, iOS apps and the mobile web version have all been updated to display more content and information in expanded tweets, namely: photo galleries, apps and product listings.

Third-party apps can now be linked and opened directly from Twitter, like accessing Foursquare or Path. This makes it a lot easier for users to interact with Twitter and the kinds of posts people are making. If I share an image from Flickr, you can see the tweet and choose to open it up within Flickr on your own device, or install the app if you don't yet have it.

The udpate also included:

  • Faster launch times and general performance improvements
  • "Retweeted by" in Tweet detail is now tappable
  • Fix for reply-to-self in conversations
  • Fix for bug that prevented undoing retweets in some cases

If you're using Android, check out the new update and let us know what you think. Do you like the new design?

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