Media Kit

Current Statistics

The Social Media Hat officially launched on Labor Day, 2012. The website and official social media channels were started simultaneously. During the full year of 2013, The Social Media Hat received nearly 300,000 visitors, an average approaching 1000 people a day. Social Media traffic breakdown:

  • 14% - Twitter
  • 09% - LinkedIn
  • 23% - Google+
  • 05% - Facebook

The Social Media Hat was syndicated to, and Yahoo Small Business Advisor, and receives additional traffic from those sources. Aside from occasional tests of Facebook sponsored stories and other social media ads for research purposes, The Social Media Hat has not used any paid advertising to build or inflate traffic.

We will update these statistics and add additional relevant information periodically.

News Story Submissions

If you represent a social network, tech startup or company that has a story you think would be a good fit for The Social Media Hat, please contact us in whatever way is most convenient for you.