Minor Maintenance - This is defined as quick, relatively easy changes to current content or configurations, taking approximately 10 minutes or less. There is no charge for minor maintenance unless the same task is requested over and over again.

Regular Maintenance - This is defined as changes or upgrades taking more than 15 minutes, but less than 4 hours. This is invoiced as our regular hourly rate.

Project - Any request that we know ahead of time will take more than 4 hours will be classified as a project. We will determine with you a total project scope and budget.

Maintenance requests are typically handled within 4 - 6 business days of the initial request. If the request needs to be expedited for any reason, just let us know and we will make every attempt to meet your needs. A priority fee may apply depending on the circumstances.

Payment Options

For those that rarely require maintenance or upgrades, we will simply invoice you for the time spent.

For those that require more frequent assistance, we offer a retainer system where blocks of time in 10 hour increments can be purchased in advance.

Long term annual maintenance programs are also available, but only for projects where both parties understand what the maintenance requirements will be for the duration of the term in fairness to both Stadia Studio and the client.