Inserting / Editing Images in Content

Your Content Management System has a built in file management system that will allow you to insert and edit images directly into your pages.

  • To upload an image, first put your cursor in the Body field at the point where you want the image to appear
  • Click on the Insert / Edit Image button in the formatting toolbar. That will bring up the edit image dialogue box.
  • To the right of the Image URL field there’s a button to browse, click on that. That will bring up the browse folder window.
  • If you’ve already uploaded the image you want to use, you’ll be able to find it here and select it from your server folder.
  • Otherwise, click on the Upload button which will reveal an upload field. Click on Browse.
  • Find the image on your PC and double-click it. Click on the Upload button to the right of the Browse button to send it to your server.
  • With the image selected in the file manager window, click on Send to TinyMCE to insert the image.
  • This brings you back to the image dialogue box. Here, you have some additional options before you Insert the image:
    • Type in a Title and/or Description. Use some of your predefined keywords here for better SEO.
    • Click on the Appearances tab
      • Set the alignment of the image to Right or Left to float the image to one side and allow text to wrap around it.
      • Set the Dimensions to exactly what you want. We recommend leaving 'constrain proportions' checked and set just the width to what you need. The height will change automatically and prevent distortion. Very large images should be cropped and resized prior to uploading to save file space and download times for visitors.
      • Vertical and Horizontal space ensures that text does not run up against your image. The number is in pixels and generally should be between 1 - 10.
      • A border is a good idea whenever inserting an image that is not supposed to blend into the background of your site, like a photograph. Insert a number of 1 or greater and that will be the width, in pixels, of a black border.
  • Once you've adjusted all the settings you want, click on Insert and your image will appear within your post. Click on Save and see your new image live.