Guest Blogging for The Social Media Hat

Guest Blogging for The Social Media Hat

UPDATE: The Social Media Hat is currently re-evaluating guest contributions, and is not currently accepting any. In the future, the opportunity will exist again but will likely be extremely selective, and probably only open to bloggers and social media experts with whom we have an existing relationship.


Interested in being a Guest Author for The Social Media Hat? That's great!

The benefits include:

  • Syndication of your content to The Social Media Hat and our social networks.
  • Inclusion of an Author Profile and full credit for all articles submitted.
  • Google AuthorRank - your profile pic and article will be linked to your Google+ profile
  • Exposure for you and your own website, including links back to your site in your profile and content.
  • An opportunity to save the cheerleader and save the world!

Ok, maybe not that last one. But, if you're a professional in the Social Media or SEO world, you know what a benefit guest blogging can have for your site.

The requirements include:

  • Subject matter that falls within one of our stated topics.
  • Minimum article length of 750 words.
  • Your content must be unique and written by you.

The Social Media Hat reserves the right to review and edit all submitted content. If an article requires major revisions, it will be sent back to you with suggestions.

Still want to guest post? Great! Please contact us with your name and what you're interested in writing about and we'll go from there.


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