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Get Help with your Social Media and Internet Marketing.As business owners, we often have to wear so many hats, we lose track of our daily priorities and why we went into business in the first place! Your hats might include Boss, Accountant, Sales Representative, Customer Support Rep, I.T. Support, Plumber, Cleaning Staff and maybe even Therapist on occassion. And we all have to think about Marketing. 

You're Not Alone.

Did you realize...

  • 47% of Americans using social media in 2012 said Facebook impacted their purchase decisions? <tweet this stat>
  • The percentage of users following a brand on social media has increase over 100% since 2010. <tweet this stat>
  • The fastest growing segment in social media is actually 45-54 year olds. <tweet this stat>
  • 23% of Facebook’s users check their account 5 or more times DAILY. <tweet this stat>

It's statistics like these that force small business owners to re-evaluate their position on social media marketing. Should you have a Twitter account? Should you write a blog? Should you share updates to Google+? The unequivocal answer is YES. The question is, how do you find the time?

The Social Media Hat for Business Owners

We can wear that Internet Marketing hat for you, and let you concentrate on the things that you do best - working your business and servicing your customers. The Social Media Hat can provide:

You can select any of the above options for more information, or simply contact us for a free consultation on you, your business, and how you can leverage the Internet to promote your products and services. View our Portfolio to see examples of our work.

The Social Media Hat Benefits

The obvious question at this point is, "Why should I hire The Social Media Hat?" Our first response is that you shouldn't, not until we've had a chance to talk and you've been able to determine whether or not it seems like we might be a good fit. Here, though, are some other benefits to choosing us:

  • The Social Media Hat can improve your bottom line by revitalizing your marketing, expanding your target audience and marketing reach, and putting best practices into place. It's not enough to just "be on Facebook." You need to have a strategy in place that incorporates every applicable platform in a holistic way that appeals to your target customers.
  • The Social Media Hat can save you precious time and resources by automating aspects of your marketing plan, providing more effecient and innovative marketing techniques, and provide value-added promotional service. Put simply, we can help you to do things better or just do them for you, whichever you prefer.

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Thanks for stopping by, and please let us know how we can help you and your business.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA HAT - When One More Hat Is One Too Many