What is a Twitter ReTweet?

If you read a tweet in someone else's Twitter stream and like what that person says, you can retweet it (abbreviated as RT) and share it on your own Twitter stream. To do so, simply add RT and the original poster's Twitter username within your tweet (for example, "RT @susangunelius" would indicate you're retweeting, or republishing, something that I already published on my Twitter stream).

The retweet tag is an unofficial way to provide attribution to the original publisher.

What are Twitter hashtags (#) for?

The hashtag is a tool to link your statement to other similar tweets. As a business, it's a good idea to use hashtags to link new tweets with old tweets on the same topic, like #SocialMedia. Hashtag words are automatically linked as a keyword search in Twitter.

If you already used the phrase in your tweet, it's generally considered bad form to repeat the phrase with a hashtag. You could, however, add a hashtag in front of the phrase within your tweet. Hashtags do not have to always appear at the end.