Editing Blocks

You can manipulate the Blocks of your site by going to Site Building -> Blocks. From here you can:

  • Enable / Disable Blocks
  • Move Blocks from one 'region' to another
  • Edit the content of a Block *
  • Edit which pages a Block does or does not appear on

To edit the pages a Block appears on, find the Block in the list and click on Edit. Scroll down to 'Page specific visibility settings'. You can then enter a list of pages and select whether these are the pages you want the block displayed on, or not displayed on. If you're not sure what to put in as the 'page' then use the complete URL for that page.

* Only Blocks that have been custom created to contain static content can be edited here. Blocks that are dynamic lists of content can only be controlled through their respective View, and should not be adjusted unless you're sure you know what you're doing.