If we have provided you with an integrated shopping cart, it is probably using the Ubercart series of modules. If you do not have a shopping cart, or if it was implementing using a different set of modules, these instructions may vary.

To create a new product, simply go to Content Management -> Create Content -> Product.

  1. Type in a name and description for the product.
  2. Choose any appropriate catalog categories.
  3. Upload one or more images of the product. The first image uploaded will be the 'main' image.
  4. Enter a SKU
  5. Enter the Sell Price. List and Cost Prices are optional.
  6. If the product is shippable, leave the shippable checkbox checked and enter the weight and dimensions for this product.
  7. Leave all other settings as they are and click on Save and Continue.

You can now choose to click on the Stock tab and enter current inventory for the item (if you'vae asked to have inventory management enabled).

You may also select a 'threshold' where, once that level is reached, the site will automatically notify you of low inventory.


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