Creating Content

To create new content for your website, simply go to Content Management -> Create Content, and then choose from the available list. *

  • Page - This should be used for static content, like 'About Us', or anything else that does not fall within other pre-defined content types.
  • Blog - Use this for regular, short commentary.
  • Story - Use this for longer articles or stories.
  • Poll - Used to create polls and surveys.
  • Event - Used to add an entry to the online calendaring system.

Custom Content Types

If you are going to be adding content to your website on a regular basis and need a particular functionality for that content, Stadia Studio can, if they haven't already, create a custom content type for that content.

For example, if your website is going to display testimonials, we may create a Testimonial content type. Each time you receive a new testimonial, you would log in to the site, click on Create Testimonial, and type in the text. Once saved, it would be added to the rest of the Testimonials. This might include a page listing all of them, or perhaps a Block that randomly displays the text on your Home page.

* Your installation may have more or fewer available content types, depending on what we’ve been asked to configure for you. All custom content types will be documented separately via email.