If your ecommerce solution has Coupon capability, that means that you have the ability to create an track coupons that offer discounts to your customers.

To create a new coupon, go to Store Administration -> Customers -> Coupons. Here you will see a list of all active coupons you may have already created. You can click on the Add New Coupon tab to make a new one.

  1. Type in a meaningful name for your coupon
  2. Type in a coupon code that your customers will use
  3. Choose an Expiry Date
  4. Mark the coupon as Active
  5. Choose the Discount Type and enter a Value (i.e. 10%)
  6. Enter a Minimum Order Limit if applicable
  7. Enter a Maximum Number of Redemptions (per code) to limit the total number of times a coupon can be used
  8. Enter the Maximum Number of Redemptions (per user) to limit the number of times a specific user can receive the discount
  9. Choose a product class only if multiple classes of products have been set up for your implementation and you're sure you know that you want to limit coupon usage
  10. Keep 'Both wholesale and retail' selected unless you've been told otherwise
  11. Click Submit to save

To view usage reports, go to Store Administration -> Reports -> Coupon Usage. Be sure to adjust the data range accordingly, and make sure to select the correct Status.