Content Marketing Services for Business Owners

Content Marketing Services for Business OwnersContent Marketing, at it's core, is using content that is created specifically for your business and industry to drive traffic and increase sales. Content may include blog posts, articles, case studies, press releases and more. The basic formula is simple:

  • Write content that is helpful or interesting to potential customers
  • Publish the content to your website
  • Share the content via social networks, RSS feeds and email newsletters
  • Repeat as often as possible

The beauty of content marketing is that once you have your system set up and in place, your ongoing costs are minimal, yet each new piece of content that you create and publish can have a lasting impact. New content can:

  • Be shared and re-shared on social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook
  • Provide helpful information to customers demosntrating your expertise
  • When sent via newsletter, it also serves as a reminder to your contacts about who you are and what you do
  • Generate additional keyword usage opportunities for greater SEO and improved search engine ranking and traffic

To get started, you must have a search engine optimized website that you can publish content to, and social networks set up to share your new content. You must then decide what kinds of content you're going to publish, and we recommend starting with a blog. If you have the time and creativity to write your own content, great! If not, that's where The Social Media Hat can be of assistance. We can provide recommendations on the kinds of content that you should be creating and promoting, and then we can actually create that content for you. The best step to take next is to simply contact us for a free consultation and we can help determine exactly what you need and how we can help best.