Once you have your initial outline of pages done, it's time to start writing your content.

As the owner of your business and website, we need you to come up with your initial text. You're in the best position to write about who you are, what your business does, and where you're going.

If you have an existing site or content that can be used for specific pages, feel free to simply direct us. For any other pages, you'll need to provide at least some initial content as soon as you have the time to do so. We can create blank pages or insert dummy text if we have to, but your site won't truly come together until we have your content.

Bear in mind that your content is not written in stone. You will be able to edit and revise your text at any time. We will also review your content and provide recommendations wherever possible. We will take your initial text and insert it into your new website accordingly. After that, you'll have administrative access and will be able to make changes and revisions whenever you wish.

Most of your text should be written as though you are speaking to someone who you're meeting for the first time. For most businesses, your website is your online salesman. Your text should be compelling, informative and engaging. Put yourself in your prospective customer's shooes and ask, "Why would I hire..." or "What are the issues I'm facing and what will you do to help me?"

Please also remember that you cannot have too much text. While we want to make sure that your content is well organized and well layed out, it's OK to have page after page after page. In fact, the more information you share, the more effective your site is likely to be. If you have some content that you want to include but aren't sure where to put it, just pass it to us and we'll lend a hand!