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News and articles discussing social media and the top social networks today, as they relate to small businesses and organizations.

Twitter List Benefits to Businesses

Once your Twitter account has been up and running for a while, you'll start to accumulate quite a few accounts that you're following. It quickly becomes unmanageable to simply look at your timeline to see interesting tweets. To better manage your time, you should organize important accounts you want to follow into Lists. We'll review how to do it, as well as some great benefits and ways to use Lists for your business.

What's the best social network for business?

We're often asked by our business clients which social network should they use. Certainly, most businesses should have a presence on almost all social media platforms in order to reach the broadest possible audience, but surely one is better than others for business, right? We'll review the top networks and how they can be used for business and perhaps we'll find an answer to that question.

Social Media Demographics [INFOGRAPHS]

Businesses who want to use their website and social media to reach out to and engage their customers need to understand the demographics behind today's social media networks. If you are targeting a younger audience, sites like should be a larger part of your social media marketing campaign than more professional platforms like The following infographs may help clarify for you who is using which social media platforms and where your marketing efforts need to be.


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