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News and articles discussing social media and the top social networks today, as they relate to small businesses and organizations.

Getting Started in Social Media Series, Part One: Twitter

Many of the clients we work with are just getting started on Social Media. If they have used Facebook or other Social Media platforms at all, it has been only for limited personal use. In order to help small business owners get started, we are launching a series of posts, each of which will outline how to quickly get up and running on a specific social network. Businesses can go through these posts one at a time or pick and choose which networks they want to start with.

Empire Avenue Strategy: Nibbling

Many businesses are beginning to realize the benefit of having an account on Empire Avenue. If you don't know what EAve is, it's an online game where players invest in each other. Your share price and stock performance is partly tied to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. So, unlike sites like Klout which simply measure your social networking activity, Empire Avenue is much more interactive and engaging.

The YouTube Creator Playbook [VIDEO]

Most small businesses should be taking advantage of the power of video and social media to reach potential customers, but where do you start? The Social Media Hat has a resource for you.

The YouTube Creator Playbook is a new resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to build greater audiences on YouTube. Check it out in the Creator Hub at It is a downloadable PDF.

Twitter for Business

The past few years have seen a remarkable growth in the number of online websites and services used for sharing and communicating information about ourselves. For most small business owners, it's been a very overwhelming period, with many simply refusing to acknowledge that mediums like Facebook and Twitter are not going away, and may actually prove beneficial to their business. But how?