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Instagram may change their Terms of Service, again.

On December 17th, Instagram announced that in 30 days they would enact a new Terms of Service, and offered a few choice nuggets for what was different from the old ToS. Within hours, news had spread across the Internet that Instagram was suddenly going to start using all our images for ads and stories, and that they had the right to sell our content to third parties.

How much money will Instagram get for my pictures?

By now you've probably heard this week's news about Instagram: they've enacted a new Terms of Service which explicitely states that they can feel free to sell or use your images without your consent or payment. People have been blogging about it, posting to Facebook, and it's even been in the mainstream news.

Pinterest adds Secret Boards

Pinterest, the social image and content sharing network, has released an update to their mobile and service which allows users to create up to 3 secret boards. This allows users to pin images and content strictly for themselves, where images pinned to one of their normal boards would immediately be visible to any of the user's friends who are following them or that specific board.