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News and articles discussing social media and the top social networks today, as they relate to small businesses and organizations.

Updated YouTube App Adds Business Benefits

Today's update for the YouTube app adds a number of features, including:

- Quick access to new uploads from subscriptions via "My Subscriptions" feed on the Guide
- Queue up videos to play on TV

One new feature that should be of particular interest to businesses is "Access to Live Streams." Previously, if your business wanted to broadcast live, you would have to catch customers and viewers while at their desktop computers.

5 Cool Content Curation Tools for Social Marketers

In the Age of Information, the ability to “curate”, or gather and arrange content, becomes one of the most important skills you can have. After all, the information is out there for everyone to see. What makes you stand out from the crowd is how you locate and present it. This process can be a grueling one if you go at it alone.

How the 80/20 Rule can help your business

Have you ever been to a networking meeting like BNI, or perhaps a local Chamber of Commerce function? The truly skilled networkers do not attend these events to sell themselves. Instead, they want to make as many quality introductions as possible, and ask questions about those people. What do you do? What kinds of business or clients are you looking for?

Key to Virality: What's Hot on Google+

One of the interesting features of Google+ is the Explore button. Clicking it reveals "What's hot and recommended" on Google+ (it used to be called "Hot on Google"). These are the posts that are trending, and in fact, to the right of your stream you will see a list of the Google+ hashtags and conversations that are literally trending. You can check out this feed any time you want, and control how many of these items get into your Home stream.

Pinterest for Business: Build Your Brand with Pinterest

Ah, the old days of doing business and getting the word out—like pinning a business flyer or card on a bulletin board in the local grocery store. Now "pinning" business materials to promote and market is a little more advanced and a little more digital. Social networking site Pinterest allows users to "pin" images of things are inspiring, such as pictures of cool gardens or a favorite sports team.

YouTube is closing, Twitter is no longer free, and other April Fools stories

In case you hadn't realized, today is April 1, and that means April Fool's Day. In the past that might mean a practical joke from from someone at the office or a friend, but these days, big companies, particularly tech and social media sites, are pulling out all the stops to make your April Fool's Day an hilarious one. Let's check out some of the best tricks so far:

Did your Klout score go up recently? Thank Instagram and Bing.

I keep an eye on my Klout score and watch for major shifts in score, one way or the other. They can sometimes indicate that I'm neglecting a network, or perhaps some of my recent activity is being better received. I recently noticed a 4 point uptick in my score and that is definitely out of the ordinary.