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Taking Out the Twitter Trash: The How and Why of Unfollowing

How many people are you following on Twitter? If it's more than a hundred, I bet your Home stream is crazy like mine. I don't even look at my Home stream anymore. I have no choice but to use Lists to segregate the people I'm interested in listening to and tweeting with, and if you're not in one of my Lists, I will likely never see your tweets.

Advantages of Gadget and Technology Content in Social Media

More and more people value the easy access and availability of social media content on gadgets and technology. This is because such information provides great value and, most of all, it's free. One thing that works in favor of social media content is that news and information, including technology and gadget articles, are fresh and evergreen.

How to Destroy your Social Media Credibility through Automation

While the concept of an assembly line of workers to help streamline and improve production has been around for centuries, it wasn't until Eli Whitney's 18th century implementation of a mechanical assembly line for muskets with interchangeable parts that we saw the beginnings of true automation. A hundred years later, Henry Ford began mass producing automobiles and now, factories around the world use automation to create products of all kinds. But this automation has not come without a price.

The Overwhelming World of Social Media

An estimated 1.4 Billion* people worldwide use social media, but the top 13* worldwide social media sites estimate to have 5 Billion* user accounts. That means if you just take into account the top social media sites and split them evenly across the social media population, each person on average then has 3 social media accounts.

Using Pinterest to get More Traffic - Case Studies Included

Pinterest has grown to be a major social networking site that has the potential to greatly increase the traffic to any website, allowing the owners an opportunity to achieve their goals. Whether their goal is to increase revenue sales on a business website or spread the word about a certain topic on a blog, Pinterest will can be a major factor in their success.