Is Twitter trying to be more like Instagram and Pinterest?

Twitter, famous for their 140-character text updates, has decided that attaching and embedding images and video into tweets isn't enough for Twitter users. In an announcement, it was revealed that now, Images and Video will appear in the Twitter stream as previews, and that the multimedia can now be shared without any text at all.

Just like Instagram, Facebook and Google+, interestingly.

8 Most Informative Twitter Accounts

Today's social media has presented a forum for people to put their ideas and musings out on the Internet, and there's no better site than Twitter for putting all your thoughts out there. While celebrity and athlete tweets are some of the most read, there are certainly more informative tweeters out there. Here's a list of Twitter accounts that will enrich your mind:

Deeper Twitter Integration within iOS7 Means More Business Opportunities

Back in 2010, when Apple unveiled the new operating system for iPhones, iPods and iPads, iOS5, one of the most talked-about features was the integration the new iOS had with the social network Twitter. iOS users would connect one or more Twitter accounts within their phone's settings and wouldn't have to keep logging into Twitter going forward.