Google+ Goes Back to Static, Smaller Cover Photos

Back in March, Google+ released a number of changes to user profiles, including a radical new look to cover photos - those large images at the top of our profile pages. They got bigger. A lot bigger. So big that you had to scroll down to see the meat of your profile, or scroll up to see the whole image. Some users loved them, but many users hated them and felt them to be unwieldy.

So, we're changing again.

Google+ Improves Hangouts, Images and Movies and makes them Awesome!

Google welcomed us into a converted warehouse this morning for coffee, where beautiful photography was on display, and was the focus of a series of announcements. Over the past two years, Google+ has seen tremendous growth, now boasting over 540 million acive users (within the past 30 days), and over 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week. As they have throughout these two years, Google continues to implement improvements and new features for the Google+ platform to make it an easier, richer experience for all users.