Facebook's Announcement: Everything you need to know

The wait is over. Facebook did their best to follow the Apple model of generating excitement and interest in a major announcement days in advance. Despite all of the rumors suggesting that it was going to be a new Facebook Phone or iPad app, it turns out to be far more impactful - Graph Search. Was it worth the wait?

How to be seen by more customers using Facebook Nearby

For local small businesses, one of the keys to search engine marketing is making sure that if a customer is searching for your business, they can find it easily. This means making sure that your business has a regional listing in each of the major search engine's local directory, like Google+ Local or Bing Local.

Your Facebook Timeline is changing, again.

Unhappy with your Facebook Timeline? Just wait. It's going to change. Again.

Facebook has publicly acknowledged that they are experimenting with the layout of your personal profile pages in order to make the layout simpler and more intuitive. When Facebook released the new "timeline" layout earlier in 2012, it was received with mixed reactions, with many users waiting until they had no choice to activate the new layout. While no one likes change, hopefully the new Timeline layout will be better received.

Facebook Creates Pinterest-like Photo Collections

One statistic that has been discussed a lot lately is the fact that images posted to social media sites like Facebook generate far more engagement and interest than text. It's also been widely discussed that Pinterest, the social network based around the idea of sharing and "pinning" images, has achieve tremendous growth recently.