Facebook implements discussion improvements for Facebook Pages

Facebook has enabled a nice feature that's been lacking from in-depth discussions - threaded comments and replies. On sites that want to encourage real discussion, participants can reply to a specific comment, and their reply will appear directly under that comment. Instead, what we've had on Facebook for years is just one comment after another, making lengthy discussions sometimes very hard to follow.

Facebook Dramatically Improves News Feed

According to Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook is trying to give everyone in the world the best possible personal newspaper. It should have high quality content from renowned sources, as well as what your friends and family are saying. It should be visual, rich and engaging. Now, almost 50% of the average news feed is photos and visual content. Page posts from businesses now comprises over 25%.

Facebook's Event: LIVE

Want to watch Facebook's Event live? We've got you covered. All of the announcements and demosntrations will be streamed via Livestream below.

Facebook has scheduled this news event to show everyone what they've been working on and the changes we have to look forward to with our Facebook layouts and profiles. With over 1 billion users worldwide, even minor changes can have a huge impact, so we're all anxious to see what's in store.

Facebook updates iOS app with improved buttons and free calling

Facebook has released a new version of their iPhone app today that features an all-new button design, as well as free calling to anyone in the U.S. or Canada integrated right into the main app.

According to the update:

New button design makes it easy to like, comment and share posts in News Feed.