Unveil the Power of Facebook's Audience Insight

Are you not able to target your audiences and see what matters to them? All you need is the right tool to get an insight about your audience’s location, their interests and behaviours. And Facebook has really tried hard to accomplish your goal. Recently it has launched “Facebook Audience Insight’ to let advertisers gather customer insights about their target audiences.

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook

Now that Facebook has hopped aboard the hashtag train, there's an entirely new branch of social media marketing that you need to pay attention to. Some of you are familiar with hashtags via a site like Twitter, so you already know the gist of the tags and how to effectively use them. Others, however, are relatively new to hashtags, and thus need a few tips.

Edit Facebook Posts and Comments from your iPhone!

Facebook has brought some much-needed functionality to the iPhone: post and comment editing! According to today's update, Facebook users can now edit their posts and comments, and tap to see their changes.

The update also gives users the option to insert a photo as part of a comment on a post from their mobile phone.

Additionally, the update includes:

8 Tips to Promote Your Event Using Facebook

Live event marketing has diminished through the use of online advertising; with the majority of event marketing now being completed through social media channels. The main benefits to promoting an event online are that it is much more cost effective and a larger audience can be reached. Although your event promotion will be online, you'll still need to do work to successfully market your event through social media channels.