Articles and stories on blogging to help businesses with content marketing.

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How to use to blow up your blog traffic

The first major struggle for business owners who want to use a blog for content marketing is creating content. With the dearth of content being created daily, it's certainly a challenge to come up with anything helpful and interesting to say. The second major struggle for business owners is getting people to actually visit their site and read their blog posts. The most brilliant writing in the world won't do you much good if no one reads it.

Content Marketing Lessons from Sheherezade

Sheherezade was a Persian Queen and the main character and storyteller in One Thousand and One Nights. In the story, the King marries a new virgin each day. The following morning, he marries a new girl and has the old wife beheaded, allegedly for being unfaithful. Sheherezade, the daughter of a vizier, wants to marry the King and become Queen, but of course she doesn't want to get killed the next day, so she devises a clever strategy.

Blogging for your Business

Every new site that we build for clients comes with the ability to blog, out of the box. So, naturally, blogging is always one of our first recommendations. Not because it's there but because it makes good business sense to do so.

First, every website needs to have *some*method for regularly adding new content. Google search engine results are based on relevancy. The more relevant a site is for a given search the higher it will rank. Google tries to determine relevancy using a number of factors, but two important ones are frequency of keyword and update frequency. So, the more often you write, using specific targetted keywords, the better your site will perform in search engines.