Social Media Marketing Campaign Management

If you know your business needs to be active on social networks, but you just don't have the time, we can help!

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Marketing Campaign ManagementThe first step is to identify what you're actually going to post and plan that out for one to four weeks in advance. Additional comments and questions and links can be shared throughout that timeframe, but planning in advance not only helps ensure that you're active, it also lends itself to keeping to an overall message calendar. You have three options here:

  1. Create post content yourself
  2. Allow The Social Media Hat to assist with your post content creation
  3. Allow The Social Media Hat to handle all post content creation

Option 1 is the least expensive, while Option 3 requires the least amount of your time, as post approval is all that will be required. Pricing will vary with the number of posts and other factors, which we'll discuss during our initial conversation. Content can include, but is not limited to, updates, quotes, links, images and video.

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Social Network Profile Creation and Optimization

Before your new marketing campaign can start, we need to identify which social networks you're going to utilize, create profiles for any that don't already exist, and optimize all profiles.

Social Network Identification

While there are several first-tier social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) which virtually every business should be active in, there are dozens of second-tier (YouTube, Flickr) and thousands of third-tier networks (Foursquare, Bebo) which may also be very helpful, depending on your business, industry and target market. We will help you decide which networks to target.

Social Network Profile Creation

If you do not already have a profile set up on a network we agree shold be targeted, The Social Media Hat can assist with profile creation. 

Social Network Profile Optimization

Profile optimization refers to making sure that we're doing everything possible to make your profile outstanding. This may include appropriate use of images, detailed profile information, good use of links, and other techniques.

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Social Network Activity

Once all of your content has been established for the upcoming posting period, The Social Media Hat will handle all posting and scheduling. Some posts may be scheduling using various tools, while others will be posted manually, depending on the type of post and network. Links and blog posts to Facebook, for instance, should be handled manually to ensure that an image and properly formatted titles and descriptions are set.

Posting activity starts at as little as $80 / month for bi-weekly posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. However, in the course of our initial consultation and any subsequent planning sessions, we will likely craft a complete Content Marketing plan for you and include an overall budget that covers all services your business requires.

Once we've determined together how much activity makes the most business sense for you, The Social Media Hat will be responsible for determining factors like time of day for posts, which days, and so on.

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