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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers [VIDEO]

In July, I put together what I thought were Seven Habits that I had observed some of the most effecitive Google+ members utilizing. The article was extremely well-received. A graphic summary was created by a fan, several other blogs requested permission to post the article in multiple languages, and now +Jeff Sieh has put together an extremely impressive video of the major points of the article.

Going Quiet on Social Media in the wake of tragedy

This is a post I have been holding off on writing for a while. You see, back in April, my daughter's great grandmother passed away. Tai Ma, as she called her in Cantonese, was 85 and had been in failing health for years. My wife and I thought we were blessed when Grandma was able to attend our wedding in 2010. And then a year later, when our daughter Cadence was born, words could not describe the joy that my little girl brought this lady who had worked so hard all her life.

Gmail Saved the Day!

I am, by most accounts, an email power user. I send and receive hundreds of messages a day, and do so from multiple devices. I have custom signatures and email templates, and can conduct business and transactions via email with ease. My entire business is run on and depends on email communication. So you can imagine my distress when suddenly, irrevocably, that was all taken away.

Saying No can sometimes get you to Yes

One of the easy pitfalls when you're first starting your business (or really at any time) is to say Yes to a client and take on a job that you really didn't want and should not have taken on in the first place. There are all kinds of reasons why we do this; we need the money is typically the culprit. But it's also easy to give in to situations where you think you're helping the client, or perhaps you think it might lead to future opportunities, or other mistaken and misguided reasons.