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Welcome to The Social Media Hat!

The purpose of The Social Media Hat is to help small business owners who already wear one too many hats. If you're like most small business owners, you're in charge of your daily business operations, as well as accounting, human resources, legal, maintenance, IT, customer service, sales and even sometime therapist. One top of all that, you're expected to know how to market and promote your business.

iPhone Blogging

If you are blogging on your website, an easy way to make sure you find the time and inspiration is to enable blogging from your iPhone! You can then blog from anywhere at any time on any thing you see.

All you need is a site that supports a Blog API and an app for your iPhone. If you have a professional Drupal site that we've built for you, it takes just a minute for us to enable the requisite blogging module and you'll be ready to start.