One of the most important metrics and actions that can result from social media activity is engagement - primarily comments. But what if you're getting comments and you don't know it?

You May Be Missing Critical LinkedIn Comments

One of the most important metrics and actions that can result from social media activity is engagement - primarily comments. But what if you're getting comments and you don't know it?

I use Agorapulse every day for scheduling content, and I use it every day for monitoring my Twitter Inbox. That’s where I get the most engagement so my LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram inboxes are usually pretty quiet - so quiet I usually just deal with whatever needs to be done while I’m in the native apps or platforms.

But every once in a while, I’ll see something in Agorapulse that’s puzzling.

I’ll see a comment on one of my posts to LinkedIn in Agorapulse that I didn’t notice when I was within the app taking care of connection requests or other activities.

I thought it was just me. I thought that I probably just overlooked the comment among the sea of other notifications I get from LinkedIn, such as likes and shares and comments by other people on other people’s posts that I’ve engaged with or been tagged in.

But recently I shared a post to LinkedIn that brought in a bunch of comments, which I never saw within the platform, but happened to notice within Agorapulse thanks to the higher-than-usual number indicator. As it turns out, quite a few people had commented on that post 2 days earlier.


I was missing out on really important conversations and opportunities for engagement!

Have you noticed this yourself? Have you ever missed a comment on LinkedIn? More importantly… how would you know?!

As a marketer, I fully understand how important engagement is, particularly on LinkedIn. Every time someone likes or comments on your post, they make it possible for people they are connected to to see your content, expanding your circle. And every time you like a comment or reply to a comment, it puts that post back into the feed of your own connections, providing new opportunities for other people to see it and engage with it.

Which means the more engagement a post gets, the more engagement opportunities it can generate, creating a snowball effect for performance.

I’d kinda like to take advantage of that!

I had looked through my LinkedIn Notification settings many times in the past to both refine what I do and do not get pinged about, and to look for a setting that had something to do with this very issue. Is there a setting to turn off comment notifications?

The first 2 times I looked, I couldn’t find one. (Go to to review yours.)

There’s a “Comments on your job updates” setting that shouldn’t apply, so that’s turned Off for me.

There’s a “Conversations that mention or tag you” setting that is On for me and that’s always worked… I do see mentions in my notifications as expected.

“Analytics on your posts and articles” is On but that shouldn’t have anything to do with comments. “Responses to your job updates” is also off.

That’s when I finally noticed “Responses to your activity” which was turned Off. Could that mean comments on my posts? I hadn’t thought so previously since Job Updates has both a comments and a responses setting. I had inferred that Responses must mean Likes or Shares as opposed to Comments.

I turned it On and refreshed my Notifications feed and didn’t see anything new, but it might not be retroactive. I’ll just have to wait for some new comments to come in.

EDITOR'S NOTE: After allowing this notification setting to be active for a couple of weeks, I've found that it does indeed include comment notifications, but it also includes Like notifications. If you do not get a lot of engagement on your posts this is OK, but if you're an active and engaged LinkedIn user, the barrage of Like notifications will likely drown out others of more importance. 

Meanwhile, I’m once again reminded of how valuable Agorapulse is. Many of us have known for some time how effective Agorapulse is at making sure not a single comment is missed. We’ve noticed how we’re able to see:

  • Replies to tweets that weren’t seen in the normal Twitter notifications.
  • Comments on Facebook Ads that do not appear in Facebook notifications.
  • Comments on Instagram Ads that do not appear in Instagram notifications.

I can even see instances where other people have shared my content without mentioning or tagging me, and be able to thank them for it!

By all means, review your notification settings for LinkedIn (and other critical channels) to make sure you aren’t missing activity. But I strongly recommend employing a tool like Agorapulse to ensure that you and your team never miss important engagement opportunities.

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Mike Allton, Content Marketing Practitioner

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