What's the Right Media Streaming Box for you?

What's the Right Media Streaming Box for you?

A media streaming box is a device that connects to the Internet and allows you to show streaming entertainment on your television. It is a concept that is quickly replacing the Blu-Ray player as the preferred on-demand entertainment option in many homes. The media streaming box you choose should be the one that has the features you need and will allow you to stream all of the television shows and movies that you want.

Roku 3

The Roku 3 device by the manufacturer Roku seems to be the standard media box option for many reasons. First of all, it starts at around $90, which makes it affordable. The price should not fool you though as this is a quality media box. It has one of the faster processors in the industry, which means that it is able to smoothly stream videos from over 750 available channels. The one challenge with the Roku 3 is that it still uses outdated applications for some of its channels.

Apple TV

The big difference between Apple TV and the Roku 3 is that the Apple TV device has a lot more music options than Roku does. The Apple TV device also maximizes the extensive Apple online streaming content library. The Apple TV device is comparably priced at around $95 but, as with any Apple device, some of the streaming content will cost you to access. The other problem with the Apple TV device is that it is not as good at streaming non-Apple content as the Roku 3.

PlayStation 3

There are a lot of video game consoles that also stream digital content, but many of them are seriously limited in their library of channels. The Sony Playstation 3 is the best of the bunch for a lot of reasons. First of all, it is one of the best Blu-Ray players in the industry, which gives you that option if you want it.

Secondly, the Playstation 3 does offer an array of streaming video channels that rivals anything the stand-alone devices offer. The big drawback is that it is a video game console, which puts its average price at around $200. If you don't play video games, then this may not be the best investment for you.

WD TV Live


If you are looking for a good, introductory media streaming box, then the WD TV Live device is a great place to start. It starts at around $89 and has a lot of good features such as USB ports and excellent video quality. The problem with the WD TV Live is that there are extra costs to pay for the more popular streaming channels, which can add to your overall costs. But this is a good device if you are just looking for something to stream media that does not involve your computer or video game console.

A media streaming box is the ideal way to take advantage of the hundreds of Internet entertainment options available to you. You can have streaming TV online that will give you more options that any Blu-Ray or DVD collection could ever offer. The right media box brings high quality picture and sound to your television whenever you want it.

Which would you prefer, and why?

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