What does your business card say about you?

What does your business card say about you?

Business cards are a necessity to anyone looking to advance and extend their network. Everyone should have a business card because they act as a reminder to your contacts about who you are and what company you work for. Business cards are important for a number of reasons. Probably the most important reason – business cards help people define how to perceive you professionally, and depending on the success of your business card, whether they do or don’t remember you.

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding how you are going to make your business card. Your business card should be sharing the information that is most important for people to know about your business. This includes your full name or the name you want to be recognised as, your contact information including an active mobile number and email address and also the name and logo of the business/company you’re working for. All of these things are essential to include because they will help people to recognise your business and understand how to communicate with you. You should also include your business’s physical address (if applicable) as well as a link to your website.  

Make your business card stand out. A lot of people hand out their cards, but you want yours one that won’t be easily forgotten. Make it creative and colourful. Use images, colours and fonts that are appropriate to the type of business you’re operating. You should also consider what type of paper you’re going to use, how thick you want your business cards to be and how you want them to be cut. These are all crucial elements to consider because after an initial introduction with someone, your business card will be a tangible reminder of how they remember you. You need to make sure it looks professional and creative. Take into account the spelling and spacing of the words and logos on your cards. Consider the things that will be noticed first on the card and make sure the important information stands out. 

The main thing to consider when designing and printing your business card is that they are a reflection of you and your business. You want people to be impressed and remember your details. Vistaprint business cards are among one of the high quality ones available to purchase online while you’re also able to customize your own design.

What are some of the more unique styles or concepts for business cards you've seen?

Image courtesy of Mitchell Bartlett, Flickr.

By Nic Blair

Nic is a marketing consultant for a national retail chain. Nic looks after online and offline marketing, as well as designing promo products that are in line with the corporate brand.


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