Using Pinterest to get More Traffic - Case Studies Included

Using Pinterest to get More Traffic - Case Studies Included

Pinterest has grown to be a major social networking site that has the potential to greatly increase the traffic to any website, allowing the owners an opportunity to achieve their goals. Whether their goal is to increase revenue sales on a business website or spread the word about a certain topic on a blog, Pinterest will can be a major factor in their success. Although there are a great variety of benefits that come along with Pinterest, lets go over a few reasons how using it will increase traffic.

General Idea of How it Works

Posting original content within Pinterest is going to be the key to your success, so make sure you have some good ideas about how to express what it is you're doing and at the same time make that content interesting enough to attract people and keep them coming back. Design firms, fashion designers, photographers and anything else that can take pictures of their work will have a really easy time using Pinterest since their customers will be interested in the pictures that are taken and posted.

Other businesses will still be able to use Pinterest, but need to come up with ways to post relevant content that will be able to keep people engaged. For example, if you are providing pool cleaning services, you could make a video showing how well your company handles the service, or post interesting pictures about that field of work. There are so many ways to grab the attention of people, and after a short time on Pinterest, you will start to notice what other businesses do to stay successful.

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After a Decent Size Following, it gets Easier

The hard part is the begging when you have no one following you. Once you have enough people, you will start to see the numbers dramatically increase. Provided that you keep posting good content that people love, your followers will start recommending you to their friends, re posting your content, and the people that stumble across your profile will see that other people really enjoy your stuff, so they will be more interested to see what you're offering. It is a great cycle that just needs to be fueled by top quality content.

Connecting with your Audience

You audience is much more than just an ATM machine. Once they are loyal followers, they won't hesitate to give you feedback about anything you might be doing wrong, and they will express what they love. This can be a very big tool for any business, once you find exactly what it is your audience wants, you can create it and continue to thrive on Pinterest. Taking more time to connect with your audience, the more productive your overall experience will be. Also, if your audience feels a good connection with you, they will be more willing to support your cause, whether it's selling products or trying to help the environment.

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Link your Pinterest page to Everything Else

Linking your profile to other websites, such as your business website, other social networking sites, pages filled with content, or whatever else might be able to help you reach your goal, gives you the opportunity to gain as much exposure as possible, which is what we all want. With them all linked together viewers of your Pinterest profile will have access to any website you would want them to look at, which increases your chances of sales. Also, if you link your Pinterest profile on other sites such as your content pages, readers that enjoyed your content have easy access to more of it on your Pinterest page, exposing them even more to your cause.

This is going to be one of the best benefits of Pinterest because after you aquire a decent size following, your other sites are all put in the spot light for your followers to view as they please. If you have a massive follower base on other social networking sites, try linking them to your Pinterest, and this will really increase traffic to your target website.

Case Studies


As we all know, there have been so many successful businesses that have profited a great deal from marketing on Pinterest. While every business has different ways of attracting new customers, there have been some really good strategies that have been recorded. The first case study you should know about is a contest that a company did which ended up increasing their main website's traffic by 167 percent. By hosting a contest about who could get the most likes on posted pictures within the companies profile, they were able to get their current followers interested and those followers had an incentive to get as many people to look at the Pinterest profile as possible. The grand prize was 1,000 dollars, and with a 167% increase in traffic, was money well spent. For more information about this particular case study, check it out at:

Another good case study, which is actually posted directly on the Pinterest site, is about a company called Petplan. They didn't do any contests or anything like the last case study we reviewed, but they posted relevant and engaging content to attract more people, which ended up generating an 87% increase in site traffic after the first quarter. Within months, they had a massive increase in traffic which gave them a 12.5% increase in quotes for their service. Check out the case study yourself at


Pinterest will continue to provide traffic to anyone who wants it. It does take some time to get used to and also to master the art of providing quality content, but once you start seeing the traffic increase, you will be glad you did it. There are plenty of other benefits that come along with Pinterest so if you don't already have a profile, you should really check it out.

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