Unveil the Power of Facebook's Audience Insight

Unveil the Power of Facebook's Audience Insight

Are you not able to target your audiences and see what matters to them? All you need is the right tool to get an insight about your audience’s location, their interests and behaviours. And Facebook has really tried hard to accomplish your goal. Recently it has launched “Facebook Audience Insight’ to let advertisers gather customer insights about their target audiences. The advertisers can compare these custom audiences information against the broader audiences on Facebook. As an advertiser, this information can help you convey messages that resonate with your target audience to improve engagement. 

Insights for different types of audiences

You can view insights of different types of audiences including

  • People on Facebook
  • People in Custom Audiences that you’ve created based on CRM and Remarketing data
  • People connected to your event page

Different categories of information you can gain from Audience Insight


Audience Insight helps you to learn about your audience’s age, gender, education, lifestyle, job role, household size and relationship status.

Location and language

The tool enables you to see where people live, and what languages they speak.

Frequency of Facebook usage

You can view how frequent your target audiences login to Facebook and the devices they use.

Frequency of activities

How many times your audiences perform specific activities including liking of pages and posts, sharing posts, commenting and redeeming promotions and even clicking on ads can be easily seen with Audience Insight.

Purchase behaviour

The Audience Insight tool allows you to learn about the past purchase activities and methods of your audiences.

Page likes

See which all pages people are liking in different categories with this new tool.

Advertisers gain benefits from Audience Insight 

Brands get a deeper understanding of their customers in their Facebook communities and Custom audiences.

The tool can be used to discover the buying behaviours of your customers based on their age, gender and location. Not only this, it can also help you to discover the varied interests and behaviours of your current Facebook fan base.

You can compare the fan base to the overall Facebook population in order to find places for the most potential for growth.

Cite differences between your Custom Audiences, website Custom Audiences or custom-built ‘cluster’. This allows brands to compare the interests and behaviours of their loyal customers to those who have shown active interest in the brand by visiting the website. This help brands identify gaps or room for growth.

The tool has the ability to reduce dependency on third-party technology research firms as well as on qualitative and quantitative market research. Audience Insight lets planning communication become more agile.

The tool can offer powerful insights about the affinities and receptivity of different marketing messages for defined customer audiences. This technique is used effectively for crafting a structured offline campaign and improve performance.

The insight data can help marketers with limited budgets get crucial insights about their customers which was previously possible only with companies better equipped financially.

Audience Insight can be used as an effective cross-platform planning tool by businesses to plan campaigns on several
digital platforms and generate better ROI.

How to set up Audience Insight

Create an audience from the following three different points:

  • Everyone on Facebook
  • People connected to your page
  • Custom audience

However, you can also create your own custom audience by using the left sidebar that includes the targeting options
available on Power Editor and the Ad Creation tool.

Create an audience

These include:

  • Custom audience
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Your fan connection
  • Advanced options that include: behaviour, language, home, market segment, politics, life events, education, relationship status or parents.

Check the data to adjust the Audience

You can divide the data into six main category tabs and further

  • Demographics: the section includes age, gender, lifestyle, relationship status, educational level, job title
  • Location: the section includes top cities, top countries and top language
  • Household: the section includes household income, home ownership, household size, home market value, spending methods
  • Activity: the section includes frequency of activities and device users
  • Page likes: the section includes top categories and page likes
  • Purchase: the section includes retail spending, online purchase and purchase behaviour

You may click on one particular segment of audience and focus on that group to adjust your audience from the sidebar.

Save the adjusted Audience

Once the audience is created and adjusted, click on save on the top menu and provide a descriptive name to the audience and save. The audience is now available to use on Power Editor under saved groups.

Facebook’s Audience Insight data is incredibly beneficial for all marketers as it help them in multiple areas – from content
creation to overall brand strategy. So what are you waiting for? Set up your Audience Insight as soon as possible.

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