Agorapulse has updated their mobile to include Saved Replies and other incredible upgrades to save you time. Learn more!

Time-Saving Changes to the Agorapulse Mobile App

Agorapulse has updated their mobile to include Saved Replies and other incredible upgrades to save you time. Learn more!

Social Media is a time-suck. There, I said it. It’s super easy to waste tremendous amounts of time on our favorite networks, isn’t it?

Which means, as businesses, we’re often left with the unenviable choice of going on a network to try and get some business done, knowing that we’ll likely get sucked down ten rabbit holes, or not doing social at all.

Honestly, I only opened Facebook to check in with a Group I’m moderating, but then I saw that my friend is celebrating a birthday and so I stopped to wish him well. Then I got a notification that my other friend is broadcasting a live video so I popped in there to say hi and support her. And before I knew it, 25 minutes had elapsed and I’d forgotten what I opened Facebook for to begin with.

Sound familiar?

Social Media Management tools can help, of course. But not all busy entrepreneurs can sit in front of a desk all day and log in when they need to. Which means one of the best aspects of any social media management tool is when you’re given a mobile app that helps manage all of your social media activity no matter where you are.

And Agorapulse is no exception.

Whether you need to keep an eye on Twitter replies, schedule a Facebook post, or ramp up your Instagram activity, being able to do it all from a mobile app is extremely helpful.

Today, that app for Agorapulse just got even more helpful. With new releases for both iOS and Android, Agorapulse users now have some really, really cool features.

Taking Public Conversations Private

Have you ever started to have a conversation with someone on Facebook or Twitter, maybe a prospect or a customer, and wanted to move that conversation from public comments into private conversations?

For instance, the other day I was on Twitter and there were several us replying back and forth within a thread about appearing on someone’s podcast. Rather than reply publicly with my email address to schedule an appearance, that’s the kind of thing I’d want to share in a Direct Message.

Now, with the Agorapulse app, you can be looking at a Tweet or a Facebook post and choose to reply in a private message!

In this Twitter conversation, for instance, you can see that my friend Brianna Smith tweeted about how she’s now going to Content Marketing World, and they replied to her tweet. If I wanted to send a quick personal message to Brianna about scheduling a meet-up while we’re there, I can just tap on Switch to DM now and send that message directly.

Participating in Threaded Conversations

This Twitter conversation is also a great example of the next change - being able to participate in threaded conversations more easily.

I can now tap on any tweet in the conversation and engage with that tweet specifically. Give it a like. Retweet it. Or reply to that tweet rather than the initial tweet that got me into the larger thread.

Since Twitter threads in particular can go in a variety of directions, involving all kinds of people along the way, being able to easily find and engage with one specific tweet is a huge convenience.

In this same example, I was able to Like and Reply to @CMIContent, then tap Brianna’s tweet separately and send her a DM.

Making Use of Saved Replies

The final time-saving change is the ability to create and use Saved Replies. Just tap the speech bubble with the plus sign to see your existing saved replies and select one to use in a particular reply or comment.

Saved Replies are entirely managed on desktop and synced to mobile and are handled per social profile, making it easy for you to have one set of replies optimized for Twitter, and another set more suited to Facebook conversations.

Everyone can make use of saved replies to save time by storing replies you might use all the time like “You’re welcome!” or “Thank you!” - but there’s so much more that you can do.

What are some of your frequently asked questions on social media? Take the time to craft brilliant answers, complete with links to additional resources, and saved those as Saved Replies.

Want to standardize how your sales staff or support team are approaching influencers or prospects? Give them a series of Saved Replies that they can start with and build off of.

And here’s a ninja trick for you the next time you’re participating in a Twitter Chat - those scheduled conversations that move at the speed of light - save your answers as Saved Replies! You can make sure all your answers have the requisite hashtag, and focus your time on engaging with the other participants.

Anything Else?

As always there are bug fixes and other features included in the release, but these are the top three this week that I thought were worth calling out.

If you haven’t yet given Agorapulse a try, by all means dig into a free trial here. These social media experts will tell you why they love Agorapulse:


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