SiteSell Presents - An Amazing Series For Entrepreneurs

SiteSell Presents - An Amazing Series For Entrepreneurs

Throughout the month of July, SiteSell has an incredible treat in store for you. Starting at 12 ET on Monday, July 6th, and continuing each Monday throughout the month, we are bringing you 4 panels of incredible guests. These are some of the most brilliant and accomplished experts in their respective fields, and they’re generously giving their time in order to share with you their knowledge.


Monday, July 6th we will be taking a deep dive into the topic of Entrepreneurship on the whole. We will be exploring what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, and what you have to look forward to. This terrific session features Guy Kawasaki, Mia Voss and Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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Writing / Blogging

Monday, July 13th we will be talking about Writing and Blogging, since it’s one thing to be told that you need to blog or write for your business, but something completely different to actually do it, and do it well. That’s why we’ve brought in three extremely accomplished writers to share their insights into writing for the web. They are Demian Farnworth and Kevan Lee.


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Social Media

Monday, July 20th we will have the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Sieh, Dustin W. Stout and Rebekah Radice. They have each demonstrated not just a capacity to help businesses comprehend and leverage social media, but a true understanding of the power and importance of social relationships.


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Monday, July 27th we wrap up the series by taking note of the importance of search to businesses and entrepreneurs, and how search is evolving over time. To help us understand these developments, we’re honored to welcome David Amerland, Martin Shervington and Mark Traphagen.


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Each show will be broadcast via Google+ Hangouts On Air, which means they will be simulcast to Google+ and to YouTube. Once recorded, each show will be available to watch as a replay at your convenience.

However, we do recommend that you RSVP to each session and attend live so that you can pose questions for our panelists and meet your fellow attendees.

Each show is completely free. As each HOA Event is created and scheduled, an Event Link will be added above so that you can easily get to the Event Page. If you click on the Going button, the Event will automatically be added to your Google Calendar along with a reminder.

How To Watch And Participate In The Show

On the day of the event, you can head back over to the Event page a few minutes before the scheduled start time of 12 pm ET. Barring any technical difficulties, each show will start promptly at noon, and last 30 - 45 minutes.

On the Event Page, you will see a placeholder for the HOA video up until the show starts, which is then automatically replaced with a live YouTube video stream of the broadcast. All you have to do is be there in order to watch!

Also note that on the Event Page there is a “comment stream” where you and your fellow viewers can leave comments. If it’s your first time attending a live HOA, be prepared for a lively discussion! Viewers often chat with each other, but, most importantly, they also pose comments and questions for the HOA participants.

This is your chance to ask questions, and we’ll be watching! Within the HOA, we’re able to view questions and comments and may even display pertinent ones within the video so that all can see, and our guests can respond.

 4 Topics - 12 Experts - HOAs for Entrepreneurs

So please be sure to RSVP to each of these incredible sessions on Entrepreneurship, Blogging/Writing, Social Media, and Search. I will be hosting each of these panels, and on behalf of all my guests, we’re looking forward to seeing you throughout July!

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