Powerful Keyword Research At Your Fingertips - An Solo Build It! for WP Review

Powerful Keyword Research At Your Fingertips - A Solo Build It! for WP Review

I've been blogging since 2007. Throughout the years, I've done my share of keyword research - looking for the words and phrases that I hoped people would be interested in, and which I could write about.

As a blogger on a budget, of course I used Google's free Keyword Planner most often. But there's a cost to everything, right? While use of the tool itself was free, the cost was my time. Every time I wanted to review keyword performance or refine my targeted list, I had to start over.

I'd like to share with you a new tool and plugin that can make challenges like this disappear.

Big Fat Disclaimer

Before I do, you should know that this is a plugin that I helped to develop. Solo Build It! for WP is a project that I've been working on since January. It's a tool offered by SiteSell, for whom I am the Chief Marketing Officer. So yeah, I'm biased, though writing this Solo Build It! for WP review was completely my choice.

But the reality is that I wouldn't be working for SiteSell and I wouldn't have agreed to develop this tool and product if I didn't strongly believe it would help businesses and bloggers. SiteSell is an amazing company with incredible people who have been dedicated to helping others get online and start their own businesses since the 1990's.

And now you can enjoy the fruits of that labor.

What Is Solo Build It! for WordPress?

So I'm offering you this Solo Build It! for WP Review as a way to introduce you to this tool that I think is going to revolutionize your business and blog. Too bold a statement? We'll see.

SBI! for WP Dashboard

Solo Build It! (SBI!) for WP is actually several tools and processes included within a single package.

  • Business Learning - The Action Guide takes new business owners step-by-step through the process of determining a focus for their business, and setting themselves up for success. The Guide covers everything from Research to Monetization, and is presented as an online course that you can complete at your own pace.
  • Brainstorm It! - The heart of SBI! for WP is the Brainstorm It! tool which offers unmatched keyword research and planning. It can be used to research how much potential there might be for your business in a particular area, as well as what topics you might write about to attract long-term organic traffic from search engines.
  • Knowledge Base - SBI! customers have long enjoyed a wealth of premium content made available to them, and SBI! for WP follows that tradition. Alongside incredible articles and guides on topics like Social Media or Traffic Generation, you'll find fantastic information to help you with your WordPress site.
  • SBI! for WP Plugin - Finally, one of the most incredible aspects of the product is the SBI! for WP Plugin which pulls your keyword research from Brainstorm It! into your WordPress site and blog posts. You'll be able to target specific keywords and view that keyword's interest and competition, right within your WordPress dashboard.

But all of that is what SBI! for WordPress does. But what is it, really?

SBI! for WP is a resource that you can lean on to help you build and grow your online business.

How Does SBI! for WP's Brainstorm It! Work?

The online learning and course are fairly self-explanatory, so I'm going to spend a little more time reviewing how the Brainstorm It! aspect of SBI! for WordPress actually works.

There's a video demo for Brainstorm It! that I put together myself, walking you through a likely scenario.


As you can see, Brainstorm It! walks you through the process of researching keywords and keyword phrases that your target audience is actively searching for. This can be used to determine what the focus of your business or blog should be, or perhaps what specific topics you could be writing about.

As you research keywords, they're automatically stored in your Master Keyword List where you can review them, save them, group them, filter, sort and edit as needed.

For each keyword, you get to see how much interest there is from your audience, how much competition there is, and what the potential is for that particular phrase. You can also view Google and Bing listings, as well as call up Site Info which shows you the top ten trafficked sites for that phrase.

Brainstorm It!'s Master Keyword List, within SBI! for WordPress

Once we've identified our keywords, you can pull them into your WordPress installation and target specific keywords for specific posts and pages. With this targeting, you can view the keyword data within that post, as well as see where else you've used it, and what your competition is.

This makes Brainstorm It! and the SBI! for WP Plugin an incredible tool for creating highly targeted and successful content.

Who is SBI! for WordPress For?

No, I'm not going to tell you that everyone needs SBI! for WP. As a business building and keyword research tool, it's not necessarily meant for just anyone.

Entrepreneurs - First and foremost, SBI! for WP is built to help entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, and other new online business owners to get a head start on building and growing their business. The Action Guide is the perfect education, and that part alone is well worth the price, as comparable materials cost thousands elsewhere.

Bloggers - As a blogger myself, this is where I'm most excited about SBI! for WP. I love how I can take some deep dives into keywords and phrases that my audience might be interested in and they're automatically saved to my Master Keyword List. Brainstorm It! can power a blog with endless topics of interest.

Marketers - Consultants and Agencies can set their client's up with SBI! for WP memberships and show them how to take advantage of the tool to improve and grow their business. Marketers can further add value with hands-on training and guidance.

Online Business Owners - Those who already have an existing business can really benefit from using Brainstorm It! to research their niche and competition. We talked to countless business owners who had wasted months, years, trying to find the right focus and niche for their business, a task SBI! for WP could have handled easily.

Really, what it boils down to is this: if you're looking for affordable business training, with tools to help you discover what your audience is really interested in, SBI! for WP is for you.

How Much Does SBI! for WP Cost?

SBI! for WordPress is currently available as a 30-day Free Trial where all you need to provide is your name and email. There's no credit card required so there's no automatic billing later that you need to worry about.

Once you've experienced SBI! for WP and realized the potential the product has to offer you, it costs just $17 a month or $149 annually.

Can Other Bloggers Review and Refer SBI! for WordPress?

One question that I've been asked a lot is how other bloggers and agencies can get involved. SiteSell has a tremendous Affiliate Program that you can sign up for and begin recommending SBI! for WP to your readers or clients.

And to help with those reviews, we've put together a complete Media Kit that includes complete product information, background, screenshots and more.

So whether for yourself, or as a tool you might recommend to others, I strongly encourage you to sign up for your free trial of Solo Build It! for WP today!

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