How to Transform Your Brand Image With Easy Office Upgrades

How to Transform Your Brand Image With Easy Office Upgrades

Take a look around your desk and office. Do you keep it tidy? Do you have inspiring photos on the wall? Or have you displayed plaques to honor your achievements?

Your office gives the first impression of how you operate as an employee and as a business. What business partners, associates, and prospective clients see when they walk through your office doors sends a signal of the type of work they can expect from you and your company.

Branding your business is an all-encompassing task. From the content on your web page and the colors you use in your graphics to the look and feel of your office, the space where you and your team work sends a signal of your brand and company culture to the public at every turn. With this in mind, are you confident that your office and workspace are sending the right signal and brand message to the public?

As you gaze around your workspace with a fresh pair of eyes, you may be surprised at the actual impression your workspace gives of your brand.


Here are three examples of how your brand image is conveyed through your office design and decor:

  • An Organized Office Shows Dependability – When a visitor walks into your office that is tidy and has a clear system of organization, studies show that the visitor tends to feel more at ease with doing business with you. Organization is a direct symbol of dependability and a well-oiled machine. When you look like your business is put together in an orderly fashion, there is an inherent trust built with your guest. If you or your business wants to give an image of reliability, cleaning up your space can provide an instant upgrade and send the signal you desire.
  • An Office With Inviting Decor Shows Your Social Side – As a person enters your office space, they immediately get a sense of how welcome they are in your space. With inviting décor, such as open doors, bright lighting and interactive displays, your brand image comes across as sociable and interested in making new connections. Providing modern office chairs to sit or an open area to talk and do business makes you seem more open and ready to connect with new people. This can bring out your social side and make people feel welcome and at ease in your workspace.
  • Unusual Offices and Work Stations Show Off Your Brands Creativity – People like doing business with leading edge brands and forward thinkers. If that sounds like your business, your workspace should show off your innovative side, sending a subliminal message of your ability to think outside the box and create unique solutions that have not been seen before. One way to do this is through uncommon office accessories, such as treadmill desks and ergonomic furniture. When these are incorporated in a workspace, you can send a signal of being modern and leading edge. These types of items inspire the thought "Wow, that's impressive!" and leave your visitor with a positive image in their mind of your brand.

As you work to enhance your brand image, it is important to start by considering the first impression your workspace gives off. Visit other offices in your area and observe how they welcome their guests. How did they convey their brand image through their workspace? How did you feel when you visited? Doing this can help you find new ways to upgrade your office and improve the brand image you create with your guests.

Then, with some simple changes to your office space you can create a space that is unique to you. Talk to your customers and ask them what they want to see. Ask business partners to swing by and give their feedback on your new upgrades. People like to give their two cents and speak their mind. Giving your network of contacts the opportunity to do so allows you to strengthen your brand image over the long-term.

As your brand continues to evolve so will your workspace. By making tweaks that give your company an organized, inviting or innovative look, you can quickly improve your brand image with little effort.

Image courtesy of mylocationscouts, Flickr.

Kimberly Crossland is a brand advocate with a passion for business and health. To stay productive and leading edge at work, she has set up her home office with a treadmill desk and other ergonomic accessories. To learn more about ergonomic office furniture for your workspace, visit

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