Chatbots offer instant engagement, offering key pieces of information to common questions and in a human-like way, and offline marketing can drive consumers to those bots.

How do Facebook Chatbots Link with Offline Marketing?

We often think of marketing in two separate categories – offline and online, with little, if any contact between the two.

We certainly don’t think of Facebook chatbots, a human-like automatic response on Facebook and other social media sites and websites, as having any link to offline marketing.

But as the infographic Facebook Chatbots and Offline Marketing show, there is a connection and a strong one at that.

Information overload

Every day, the average consumer is at the receiving end of a barrage of information – buy this, do that, don’t do that, try this – that it becomes confusing. They have questions but when they want to engage, they don’t want to wait for an answer.

The digital age has made us impatient and when you advertise an event and a consumer wants to know more, they won’t shift through layers of information.

Chatbots offer instant engagement, offering key pieces of information to common questions and in a human-like way.

Where the link to offline marketing is strong is that your posters, leaflets, direct mails campaigns and more can be the key that unlocks the door to new customers, fans and followers.

When they turn to your Facebook page or group because that is what you told them to do via offline marketing, there are the answers.

Make chatbots work for you

Link your offline marketing with this emerging, multi-billion pounds industry of chatbots and online connections and you could find that your customer numbers swell, and your brand becomes even better known.

With so much useful information, you may want to use the infographic on chatbots and offline marketing from Colour Graphics on your website too. That’s after you’ve taken in all the numbers and the fantastic reach of linking offline and online marketing with chatbots…

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