How To Create Stunning Social Media Posts For Holidays, Trends, Events And More

How To Create Stunning Social Media Posts For Holidays, Trends, Events And More

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PromoRepublic - the new Calendar of Content Ideas helps you create stunning social media posts based on holidays, trends, events and more.

"Today is not just a day, it's a holiday" – and this is a reason to adopt a specific marketing strategy in order to get attention from the largest audience possible. Social media posts that prioritize context, such as holidays or historical dates, sporting or business events, trending topics and memes, allow you to engage on a deeper level with your target audience. These contextual posts are all about the present moment and this is what touches your followers most effectively, because people are interested in 'the now'.

It's a huge pain for any content marketer to generate ideas for engaging posts every day, as well as supporting them with creative text and visuals. Sometimes pressure on marketers means that fresh content gives way to hackneyed or recycled posts in a desperate bid to fill the calendar. This results in a less organic form of reach and engagement.

PromoRepublic successfully solves this issue with Сalendar of Content Ideas that provides you with a host of daily facts and other ideas to make your posts more engaging.

Each idea for a post is backed by a collection of editable post templates, hand-crafted by professional designers and creative copywriters in different design styles and tailored for various business types, so Social Media Marketers always know what to post and have a template to start with!

Calendar of Content Ideas is a key feature of PromoRepublic but besides this, the service also provides its customers with tools to organise, customise and publish content:

  1. Library of Templates
  2. Graphic Editor
  3. Automated Posting
  4. Statistics

Library of Templates

PromoRepublic is the only content calendar with an integrated library of templates, which consists of approximately 2000 post ideas to start with. Ideas for posts include polls, promotions, quizzes and hundreds of other engaging mechanics and sales promotion techniques.

PromoRepublic has the smartest library of templates in the world, which caters to a broad spectrum of industries, so you are able to choose those that fit you best and see only relevant content ideas for your business. You will also see only templates that are relevant for the season, day of the week, upcoming holidays and events.

Graphics Editor

Never use Photoshop or hire a graphic designer again! With this intuitive and easy-to-use tool for customizing templates or creating visuals from scratch, you can give a personal touch to images within seconds by adding a logo, call to action button, or hundreds of objects, shapes and banners. So keep calm and template on!

Automated Posting

Save time with our sleek Automated Posting feature, Momento. Content will automatically be posted to the right social networks at the right time and with the correct frequency. How cool is that?

In the "ADD TO QUEUE" settings you can set up your own everyday schedule, defining the time that posts should be published.

PromoRepublic is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and Instagram is coming soon. This means you can manage all social profiles in one place and do not need to jump from one interface to another.


Analyze your posts' performance by checking views, clicks, external link visits, and post efficiency. Learn and improve constantly!

With PromoRepublic you instantly become a Content Hacker, saving time on ideas search, content creation, management and posting.

Discover PromoRepublic - the next level of content marketing.

Propel your Social Media now!

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