7 Ways to Run an Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign [INFOGRAPH]

Are you tired of people telling you about how great mobile marketing is? Maybe you set up an email campaign and optimized it (sort of), but the return on investment was abysmal. Or perhaps you’re still holding out because you’re afraid of taking a wrong step with mobile and wasting money. Whatever your story is, Reachmail’s new infographic can help – by telling you all of the different ways that businesses really put their foot in it when creating mobile email campaigns. Learn what not to do (or what you should stop doing!) and you’ll be well on your way to reaching – and converting – mobile email users like never before.

What will you learn?

How to do things halfway.

One of the biggest problems when businesses “optimize” for mobile is that they tend to focus on a single facet of their campaign and ignore the rest. It does you no good if you only optimize specific emails, or if your beautiful, mobile-ready emails take people to a site they can’t read on their phones. When you start a mobile campaign, you have to make sure that each piece of the puzzle is ready for mobile users’ critical thumbs.

The wonders of shrinking images.

There’s some gorgeous design that can go into email campaigns, but pictures that look breathtaking at a width of 800 pixels are going to be hard to see on a smartphone screen that’s only 250 pixels wide. Even worse – including text in these images, because most of the time it will end up illegible on smaller screens.

Ways to get your email ignored.

Too many businesses spend forever designing their email campaigns and then end up wasting all of that time, effort, and money by sending the messages when no one is around to read them. Don’t fall prey to this trap – learn the times when most people are reading their email and be sure to schedule your messages to send around these optimum times.

Methods to blanket the neighborhood.

Email marketing isn’t broadcasting. Your goal shouldn’t be to send to as many people as possible in the hopes that they’ll read your message just because it’s there and be converted. Do you know which group reads the highest percentage of their emails on a mobile device? What about whether more men or women actually click a link inside of an email? If you want to get more conversions, you need to know your audience and cater your campaign toward that specific group.

How to exclude people.

Most mobile customers are on iPhones, right? Why should you even bother with anything else? Unfortunately, the marketing reality today is that businesses have to engage with a fragmented audience if they want to be successful. That means targeting multiple platforms and optimizing for each one.

The joys of hide-and-seek CTAs.

What joys are those, exactly? How about the joy involved in having countless potential customers click away when they don’t see where to click or what they’re supposed to do next. If mobile users don’t see
something immediately, they’re gone.

That easy is the only way.

Mobile websites can’t be complicated. You want people who come to your
site to be able to easily engage in the function they want and to complete that action with as few clicks and instructions as possible. You might as well force them to type – a cardinal sin with mobile customers.

Read on and you’ll be blown away by the statistics on many of the findings.

7 Ways to Run an Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign

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