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Blogging for Business: What's Important in 2014

It’s 2014. Is your business’ blog older and wiser? Did you learn from your mistakes in 2013? What are you going to focus on in 2014 to make your business’ blog as effective and awesome as it can be?

This article will give you the four lessons that I took from 2013, and I feel are the most important for a new start to the new year.

I’ll discuss:

  1. Setting your Blog Apart from the Rest
  2. How to Get the Most out of your Content
  3. The Fall of SEO and Rise of SMO
  4. The New, Best Way to Promote your Blog

So let’s get started.

Pinterest for Business: Why a Pin is Worth your Time this Holiday Season

It seems, very suddenly, that the Holidays are just around the corner. Has this caught anybody else slightly off-guard?

Have you started ramping up your social media efforts for the holiday season? Have you slapped a few snowmen on your homepage and started pushing stocking-stuffers on Facebook?