5 Reasons Social Dashboards Are Great For Business

5 Reasons Social Dashboards Are Great For Business

Are you building your community around your brand?

Did you realize that more and more businesses are taking advantage of social listening every day to maximize their results on social media?

It’s true.

The more you can react to what your social media audience is saying to you, the better they will be acquainted with your brand and the message that you’re trying to demonstrate.

I want to talk about the power of social listening and why you should start including this in your strategy from now on.

There are a lot of different social listening dashboards that you can use to monitor activity of your followers and people interested in your brand.

It’s up to you to determine which of this tools are the best for your business.

Cyfe is one social listening dashboard that I can recommend. Here’s why:

#1 Ease of Use

Make sure that the listening device that you decide to use is easy to use for you and the people working for your company.

You want to make sure that everyone can actively engage with every social follower that has a question or comment. This is important because responding to your customers on social media is one of the most important things that your brand can accomplish on platform.

The reason I recommend Cyfe is that it’s just not a social monitoring tool, it’s a lot more.

You are able to integrate email autoresponders, grab your data and statistics right when you need it. It also allows you to monitor and measure your marketing goals and in doing so shares with you where you need to do better.

Another powerful resource is that it has real time data analytics that power your marketing to bring you more benefit from customers and followers that are using social at that moment.

It’s a great because you can do all of your business marketing strategies right from this dashboard and you don’t have to bounce from one to the next.

So not only do you have ease of use within the social dashboard, you also have a lot of other options inside of it that can help your business grow and prosper.

#2 Extend Your Reach

Some of the best businesses that have a successfulsocial media customer service plans are successful because it allows them to reach across all social networks at the same time.

While you may not have the luxury of having hundreds if not thousands of people talking about you at the same time on multiple social media platforms, it’s good to know that using these dashboards can take a lot of the work out of it for you.

This allows you to pinpoint the avenue that you need to be focusing on anyway, and that is the follower/customer.

#3 Combat Negativity

If you’ve been in the social media industry for any amount of time you will understand that at some point you will have to deal with someone’s negative comments about your brand or product.

Sometimes they are true, and other times they’re not.

These social dashboards allow you to monitor negativity (and positivity) around the clock. Since you have to sleep at some point, there are triggers that you can create inside of these dashboards that notify you of certain keywords that you are looking to combat against.

This is helpful in so many ways because using social listening in this manner allows you to compete with other businesses in a way you have never been able to compete with them.

Some businesses handle negative social media comments in the wrong way and it’s not helping them out one bit.

Others push these negative comments under the rug and hope people simply forget about them. However, when you can face negativity head on with the intentions of making it better for that individual then people will remember you for that.

#4 Building a Community

One of the best things about using these dashboards is that it allows each of us to build a community around ourselves and our brands.

How does it do that?

Because you are staying so connected with people that need help. You are extending yourself to the people that are most interested in the things you are interested in. It’s because you are seeing these questions pop out of nowhere (through your dashboard) and you are answering their questions yourself.

There’s power in answering a question and power in helping an individual, especially when they understand that you aren’t trying to sell them something.

The community is built on help and trust and when your followers can see that you have helped them over and over again, they are going to solidify themselves inside of your brand. The next time a piece of content comes out from your site, guess who’s going to be there to help you amplify it?

Those people that you have consistently helped.

#5 Communication

Even though social media is a place where people are supposed to be “social”, a lot of marketers have lost the simple identity of these platforms because they are constantly promoting.

Through the use of dashboards you can directly communicate with people on social that need you.

This is another powerful aspect of the tool because you don’t have to pop from one platform to the next to make sure your business is communicating effectively.

Remember “ease of use”? This is another aspect in which you can control the very outcome of your business because your brand relies heavily on communication with your customers and potential buyers.

With hardly any effort at all, you can be right at their doorstep with information and/or help when they need it.

The Final Thought

Social media is continually evolving. The way social is done is not though. The primal aspects of social media have, and always will, stay the same.

Be social.

But once your business starts to grow and you start seeing more and more people gravitate toward your product, there is a chance that you could be left behind because of the simple fact that you just can’t keep up with everything.

Social dashboards are a great way to evolve with the way people are using social media these days because it keeps you ahead of the curve and allows your business the legs it needs to stand on.

What are you doing to further the use of social listening in your strategy? What can you do today that will create more engagement around your brand?

Whatever it is, it will always start with the word “helping”.

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