What is Empire Avenue?

What is Empire Avenue?

Empire Avenue is an online game that has achieved enormous popularity lately. It is a form of stock market, where every player is a stock and you can buy or sell shares in each other. Your share price and dividends are based on not only your in-game activity, but your real life social network activity as well. Users connect their Facebook, Facebook Page, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts and Empire Avenue automatically records and scores your activity. Users are also able to connect one or more blogs and RSS feeds. 

While the game itself is fun and interesting, there are two good reasons why every business owner should get involved. 

First, users are encouraged to interact and connect with each other. Every users connected accounts are linked prominently on their profile making it easy to Like or Follow users you want to connect to. There are also many different discussion communities that users can join. Discerning users will utilize these communities to discuss interesting topics, bounce ideas off other users, make connections and get relevant business help. For instance, you might join the Social Media community to gain ideas and insights on how to better utilize social media to market your business.

Second, success within Empire Avenue will require consistent social media usage. If you want to raise your share price and pay good dividends, you'll need to work even harder on your social networking so that your scores will continue to improve. This then provides small business owners with great motivation. Now that a website is actually counting your Tweets and Facebook posts, and how you interact with your fans and followers, you should be driven to step up your activity. 

Both of these will help you improve your business and social media presence, and that should, in turn, increase your customer base. To get started, click on http://empireavenue.com/?t=0wndu3ok and create your account. Be sure to let us know you've joined and we will help you get started. Good luck!

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