SurveyAct - New Online Survey Tool for Small Business Owners

SurveyAct - New Online Survey Tool for Small Business Owners

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There are a variety of online survey tools available today, ranging in price and features. SurveyAct ( is a brand new tool that is currently in beta mode, so it is completely free and unlimited for all users. All you need to sign up is a username, e-mail address and password. SurveyAct was created by the executives at StudyLogic, a leading market research company. Frustrated by the lack of easy to use yet powerful survey tools, they set out to create their own. The result is a clean and simple interface, user-friendly navigation, and a wide variety of features.

SurveyAct - New Online Survey Tool for Small Business Owners

Gorgeous Themes

Most tools available today offer limited customization when it comes to designing the look of your survey. SurveyAct comes with a variety of gorgeous themes to choose from, or you can create your own to match the branding of your organization. Upload a logo, change the colors and the fonts, and choose your own navigation text.

Gorgeous Theme options for professional surveys from SurveyAct

Question Types

SurveyAct offers 20 different question types that you can use to create your survey, including multiple choice questions, rating scales, demographic info, and image based questions. In addition, they offer a unique 'email subscription' question that allows respondents to subscribe to receive future surveys. In addition, you can create customize forms with multiple fields that pop up as follow up questions.

Advanced Survey Features

For users who need advanced functionality built in to their surveys, SurveyAct's piping and page jumping features come in handy. Piping inserts responses to previous questions into the question or answer text of a subsequent question. Page jumping skips respondents to a specific page in the survey based on a set of rules that you create. These features help engage your respondents and prevents survey fatigue by customizing their path through the survey.

Advanced Survey Features with SurveyActMultiple Distribution Methods & Contact Group Management

SurveyAct offers four different methods for distributing your surveys to potential respondents;

  1. A web link to paste in an email or online
  2. An E-mail Campaign that sends a unique link to everyone in your contact list
  3. Embed a pop-up link to your survey on your website
  4. Post your survey directly to your Facebook or Twitter Social Media accounts

An advanced contact group management tool allows you to create multiple contact lists, subscribe new contacts automatically via a survey, or delete individual members.

All distribution methods are saved and can be accessed later to view how many respondents took your survey via that method. SurveyAct also allows you to test your survey by automatically populating a distribution method with responses.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Once you collect your responses, you can view the default report to see a quick summary of your results.

Advanced Survey Reporting and Analytics from SurveyAct

You can customize your reports by adding and combining filters based on survey properties or answers to specific questions. For more advanced analytics, you can use SurveyAct's cross tab analysis to compare two or more variables side by side.

Expert Services

Would you like to purchase respondents to take your survey? Do you need customized survey functionality? SurveyAct offers a number of expert services available for an additional fee. (Learn More Here -

Free Support

Need help creating your survey? Customer support representatives are standing by to chat with you live, or call 888.963.8925.

Try it out today:

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