Six Secrets of Contagious Content [infograph]

Six Secrets of Contagious Content [infograph]

Content Marketing is not just about creating content. The content that we create must educate, entertain and engage our readers in order for it to have value and be effective. The best content invokes emotional triggers which not only interest the reader, but compel them to share the content as well. While we don't want to play on people's emotions, it's important as marketers and business owners that we understand the how and the why behind what people share. This infograph from explains exactly that.

Six Secrets of Contagious Content [infograph]

Key Takeaways:

  • People may share emotionally charged content to make sense of their experiences, reduce dissonance, or deepen social connections.
  • More practically useful, interesting and surprising content is more viral because it reflects positively on the people sharing it.
  • Interest and its interaction with other emotions influences all other mental processes. That is why titles are so massively important.
  • Visual, easy-to-understand and consume content is generally the most viral because it communicates its strong emotional impact within the first few seconds of viewing.
  • Give your audience a way to look good, feel special, or like an insider, and they'll tell others - and spread the word about you along the way.
  • Triggers have a big impact on human behavior.
  • People are more likely to share some content over others because the emotion evokes us to pass it on.
  • People will talk about a product or band if it's part of a broader narrative.

If you're not getting much engagement from your blog posts and social media shares, these points may touch on some of the reasons why. Consider how you can bring more emotional interest to your writing, and if you would like help with your blogging and content marketing strategy, please contact me.

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