Microblogging as a Business Marketing Tool

Microblogging as a Business Marketing Tool

A microblog is a great way to support your business website, internet marketing, and customer communication. First, though, let's cover what a microblog is and then we can get into the what it does.

A microblog is, as the name implies, a very small blog. Microblog posts are typically just a sentence or two in length and might answer questions like, "what am I doing?" or introduce brief topics. They may also be used to share brief links to videos, audio, or single images. Your Twitter feed or your Facebook wall could be considered microblogs.

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So how will microblogging help my business?

First, business owners can use a microblog to quickly share short pieces of information with clients. These might include tips, links, news updates or video commentaries.

Due to the vary nature of a microblog, individual posts are generated quickly, giving businesses another way to post content to their site and share information with their customers, without having to devote as much time as a regular blog post might require.

Because posts can be easy and quick to accomplish, businesses can quickly generate a lot of actual website content and information in a microblog.

Businesses can also use microblogging internally. According to the Harvard Business Review, micoblogging can enhance productivity by allowing employees to rapidly exchange information and drive solutions which would otherwise take much longer — and be far more expensive to achieve.

In addition to providing customers with a nice, steady stream of information, businesses who utilize a microblog on their site will also be generating great content which will help with their search engine optimization (SEO), marketing (SEM) and ranking.

Microblog posts can be automatically or manually directed to social media platforms, depending on the nature of the microblog. A good marketer might also use microblog posts to fuel ongoing social media posts.

What Can I Microblog About?

The Social Media Hat, for instance, has a microblog devoted to our main site topics: Social Media, Blogging, Marketing, SEO, Apps and Technology. We regularly post tips, recommendations and suggestions to this microblog which are displayed here within our own website. Over time, we also re-post many of these same tips on Twitter to share with our followers (since one of our tips is to "post links to company blog posts more than once).

Your own microblog might be short sentences like ours, or you might use it to stream product images, pictures of you and your staff "in action", or quick updates on what's going on in your business and industry.

If you're unable to incorporate a microblog within your own website, third-party solutions like Tumblr and Posterous are good alternatives, as long as there are plenty of links back to your own website.

Do you have any creative uses for a microblog that you'd like to share?

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