How To Schedule A Share Of Someone Else’s Facebook Post

How To Schedule A Share Of Someone Else’s Facebook Post

It's great to share content from other businesses and #Facebook Pages, but how do you schedule and space those shares out? -> #SocialMedia #Marketing

You know how important it is to make sure that your Facebook Page isn't all about you. The problem is finding those great posts from other Pages, and then spacing them out over time so you aren't spamming your audience.

You can Like and subscribe to updates from a variety of Pages to ensure that you always have great content in your feed to share. And as your Page, you can Like other Pages and periodically check your Pages Feed to see what those Pages have been posting.

In fact, that should be part of your daily routine. Go to your Facebook Page and click on See Pages Feed in the left sidebar.

Use your Facebook Pages Feed to monitor and select posts to share from Pages you follow.

This will bring up the most recent posts from all of the other Pages that you have Liked as your Page.

As you scroll through the feed, you will be able to immediately Like and Comment on the posts you see as your Page, so it's great for building engagement and awareness. You can Share too, but that becomes an immediate Share to your Page.

What if you aren't ready? What if you just shared something else?

Here's what you do.

Scheduling Shares Of Other People's Facebook Posts - Option 1

  1. Right mouse-click on the Time/Date and select Copy Link Address

    Click on the timestamp to reveal the Copy Link Address option.

  2. Return to your Page timeline and Paste that address into a new status update. Facebook will automatically pull in the post as a preview, just as if you were clicking the Share button.

    Paste the link into a new status update to schedule.

  3. Delete the URL and replace it with your introductory text - whatever you want to say about this post (and it's a good to mention the other Page here by typing @ and their name).
  4. To the right of the blue Publish button, click the down arrow and choose Schedule.
  5. Set whatever date and time you wish and click on Schedule.

You will be able to see this and any other posts you've scheduled at the top of your timeline in an Admin-only box for scheduled posts. From there you can edit or delete the post as needed.

At the appointed time, the post will be published and it will act exactly as though you shared that post.

Scheduling Shares Of Other People's Facebook Posts - Option 2

Alternatively, if you have AgoraPulse and have enabled the browser extension, when you're viewing other people's posts you will see a Schedule button right there on the post.

Use AgoraPulse to schedule Facebook shares, particularly if they're videos.

Click that, and a new AgoraPulse sharing dialogue box will open up, giving you options to schedule that share via AgoraPulse.

This will work perfectly for Videos. Link shares use the destination link rather than the Facebook post link, while a plain text post will simply share the text of the post as your own. Images tend not to share correctly using a straight schedule, but there's a workaround.

You can enter your introduction as usual, as well as @mention the page owner or author. You can even include other social networks in the share, though I wouldn't normally recommend sharing a Facebook post to other networks.

This is actually my preferred option, since it's easier to schedule and allows you to set up a queue ahead of time and mix in external links, images, and shared posts.

For images... and really, any post at all, you can right mouse-click on the datestamp, copy the Link Address just as above, and the put that into the AgoraPulse share dialogue. Add in your description and you can then schedule or queue the share among your other shares.

Sharing Other People's Facebook Posts On Mobile

On mobile, you can tap the Share button on any post and tap Copy Link to get the link to that post. You can then open the Pages app (not Facebook) and paste the link into a new Status Update. As before, delete the link, add your commentary, and then tap the more menu to schedule the share.

Unfortunately the AgoraPulse app does not support shares this way. You can share the link to that post, but it won't appear as a native share.

Have a different scenario that you want to be able to share a post but haven't figured it out? Leave a comment below and I'll take a stab. Eventually, Facebook will make it easy to share and schedule shares of all types of posts across all platforms, but for now, there are some complexities.

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