How To Link To A Facebook Post

How To Link To A Facebook Post

Sometimes you want to direct someone to a specific Facebook Post. Perhaps you've shared some information that you want to promote on a different network, or maybe there's a conversation going on within a post and comments that you want to email one or more other people and direct them to that post. While you could simply share your Facebook Page URL and tell someone where to go on the page, it's far more efficient to send them directly to the post you want them to see. While it's actually really easy to do, it's not immediately obvious just by looking at a post where to go.

What we're about to review works regardless of whether the Facebook Post is text, a link, an image or even video. With the proliferation of Facebook Live video, sharing links to those videos is growing in importance!

We'll also cover linking to Facebook posts on desktop vs. mobile, as it's currently a different process, and recently updated! Facebook Notes are covered as well.

How to Link to Facebook Posts On Desktop

Each time you add a new post to your Facebook wall, it will look something like this:

Typical Facebook Page Post

This was a post to our Facebook Page that we shared. As you can see, under our name and logo, it says that we shared it "about an hour ago." That is the Post Timestamp. If you mouseover the timestamp, it will display a hover-tip with the full date and time of the post. Like this:

Mouseover the timestamp to reveal the complete date and time a post was shared to Facebook.

Clicking on the timestamp will take you to a page just for that post, with a permanent URL that you can copy and paste. It should look something like this and is located in your browser's address bar:

Look for the URL in your browser's address bar and then copy it to link to that Facebook Post.

Be sure to highlight and copy (Ctrl-C) the entire URL to be able to link to that Facebook Post. You can now paste the link (Ctrl-V) into your email or status update.

This will work for any post in anyone's timeline.

To save time, you can also right mouse click on the Post Timestamp of the Facebook post and click on Copy Link Address. This will put the link to the Facebook post into your clipboard which you can then paste anywhere you need it. Like this:

To link to a Facebook Post, you can simply right-mouse click on the timestamp and select Copy Link Address.

This is a great trick particularly if you have an important post on Facebook that you want to direct people to from other platforms. With the link to that Facebook Post in hand, you can send out a tweet, share it to Google+, or include it in an email or blog post.

How To Embed Facebook Posts From Desktop

Sometimes it's not enough to link to a Facebook post, sometimes you want to embed it in content, like this one:

That's a Facebook Live interview that I did with Stephanie Liu all about blogging and turning live video into blog content. It would be appropriate to embed in any number of blog posts about video and writing. And it's easy to do!

In the upper right hand corner of the post, click on the ... menu and then click on Embed. A popup window will come up that provides you with a snippet of code. Simply copy that code and paste it into your site's content. You may need to embed it in Source mode.

Continue to learn how to link to mobile Facebook posts, as well as Notes.

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