Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Social Network Google+ does something all other other social media platforms don't - you can format your posts to include style. The following infographic provides some direction on how to do perform some basic formatting to help your posts stand out.

Learn how to use Bold, Italics and more in your Google+ Posts.

Summary of Google+ Formatting


In order to make any word(s) appear bold, enclose them with * like this: I want to make *these words* bold.


In order to make any word(s) appear italicised, enclose them with _ like this: I want to make _these words_ italic.


In order to make any word(s) appear as strikethrough, enclose them with - like this: I want to make -these words- strikethrough.


You can combine multiple formatting options like this: I want to make -*these words*- bold and italic.

Note that when you're styling text, you need to place the symbols before and after the word(s) you want styled, without any space between. If you type * bold * with spaces between the characters and the word, it won't work.

Also, there must be a space before and after those characters, so you must include things like punctuation within the formatting, like *this.*

Finally, links and mentions cannot be styled and will break the formatted if you include them within a long string.

If you're scheduling posts to Google+ using tools like AgoraPulse (Pages) or Friends+Me (Profiles), you can use all of these styling options in your posts and, when published, they'll appear as expected.

Other Formatting Options

What makes Google+ so rich and conducive to long-form content is the fact that, in addition to these styling options, you can add whitespace to break up your text into paragraphs. Adding those breaks and spacing helps your readers to flow through your content.

And let's you emphasize points!

You can also insert as many links as you wish throughout your posts. If you want the overall update to post as a "link preview" then make sure that the first link you insert is the one you want Google+ to use as the main link and preview. Otherwise, I recommend using an image to anchor your post and then insert whatever links you need.

☞ Finally, don't forget to spruce up your posts with special characters. While you don't want to go wild (just like you shouldn't make all of your text bold), it's often a great idea to include emoji and special characters to further emphasize your point. 

Next, learn why this kind of formatting has such a dramatic impact on Google+ post interest and engagement!

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