Facebook Status Update Ideas For Businesses

Facebook Status Update Ideas For Businesses

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Hopefully you have already created your Facebook Page for your business, but unless you've been maintaining it for a while, you're probably still struggling with this idea of status updates. As personal Facebook users, it's easy to talk about what's going on in our lives, check out what our friends are doing, and post a cute picture of our kids every once in a while, but what to do we talk about with our business?

There are many, many things that you can do, actually. We're going to review quite a few here to get your creative juices flowing. The point of this article is not to suggest that you do all of these status update ideas. Rather, pick a few that seem like they might work for you, and that you believe you can do, and then run with them. If things get stale or you forget what else you might be doing, stop back and re-read the ideas to refresh your memory.

Facebook Status Update Ideas:

  1. Educate fans on what your business does well.
  2. Open up a debate about a hot topic within your industry.
  3. Solve a problem that your target market is facing.
  4. Rant about something not done well in your industry.
  5. Tell an industry joke.
  6. Redistribute content.
  7. Announce the upcoming launch of a new product or service.
  8. Showcase your work.
  9. Compliment your competition on a great article, video or product.
  10. Provide your expert opinion.
  11. Offer great customer service right through Facebook.
  12. Review a book relevant to your industry.
  13. Evaluate a product pertinent to your industry.
  14. Give away free stuff (eBooks, reports, audios, etc.).
  15. Ask for input in the creation of a new product or program.
  16. Share something personal once in a while (but, not too personal and not too often).
  17. Brag about your favorite clients and customers.
  18. Share a link to your podcast.
  19. Post updates and photos while attending a conference.
  20. Share a link to one of your recent press releases.
  21. Upload a photo (a picture’s worth a thousand words).
  22. Share a link to a video (a video’s worth ten thousand words).
  23. Run a poll or survey.
  24. Target different fans with specific comments or links.
  25. Link to one of your published articles.
  26. Link to someone else’s published article.
  27. Update your status frequently (3 times a day); but, don’t get spammy (15 times a day).
  28. Share a relevant quote from your industry.
  29. Post a link to your latest blog post.
  30. Share a link to someone else’s blog post.
  31. Reveal your insider industry tips.
  32. Promote your vendors.
  33. Ask questions.
  34. Answer questions promptly – (not 15 days later).
  35. Share a cool, new tool that you just discovered.
  36. Post simple greetings and well-wishes on Holidays.
  37. Post industry Trivia like "Did you know?" or "On this day..."

Hopefully this list will help you ensure that your Facebook Page posts are creative, timely and most of all, easier for you to come up with.

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