Boost Your Sales Using 0800 Numbers

Boost Your Sales Using 0800 Numbers

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After working really hard to get your business up and running, the last thing you need is to lose money. Whether you own a new business or are already established, you are always trying to attract new customers. There are many ways in which you can attempt to boost your sales but unfortunately many of the most successful methods are expensive and still don’t guarantee a good income.

This article is aimed at all business men and women who are looking to pinpoint the place that is squashing your trade and turn this around to generate great sales. With the digital world thriving and driving many sales there is a common misconception that social media has reduced communication barriers. Although social networking sites have worked wonders for many companies, customers still like to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone. However, if picking up the phone means being charged a hefty fee at the end of it, it can be very off-putting for potential customers.

One of the most useful methods of breaking down these communication barriers is to remove the cost of calling to your business. 0800 numbers, also known as free phone numbers will enable your customers to call your company as many times as they wish, without having to worry about the cost of the call.

Free 0800 numbers work by allowing customer callers to contact your company directly without any costs being accrued. Your company will then take on the cost of the call. This may seem like a generous investment but you will be pleasantly surprised by the increased revenue you will achieve through improved sales, therefore making back your investment in no time at all!

The cost aspect isn’t the only benefit either. Advertising your new free phone number suggests to customers that you are interested in their thoughts, views and are open to feedback and direct contact with your clients, which of course will always help the business to grow and develop. 

What is also good about 0800 numbers is that they are non-geographic numbers meaning they are not attached to any particular location. Therefore, should your business decide to relocate, you don't have to change your number and consequently loose connection with existing customers. Non-geographic numbers can also help you create a national presence in your country and thus tap into more areas rather than be constrained to only your local region. Non-geo numbers can also be beneficial to small to medium sized companies to create an image of a large nationwide organization. So not only can non-geo numbers like 0800 numbers help you create a nice image for your business but also they assist you in generating more sales from all parts of the country.

Did you know that you can also point your 0800 number to your Skype phone? More and more companies nowadays are using VoIP systems instead of the normal phone systems. So with an freephone number there is no need to say no to your current communication systems.

Using a free phone number can help your company portray a professional image, not to mention limitless marketing opportunities. Research has been conducted and statics show that an impressive 60% of customers would prefer to carry out business with a company that offers a free phone number, that’s a huge percentage to ignore! It also shows that a whopping 70% of customer response can be increased simply by making calls free of charge. Could you be part of those impressive percentages – you know what the next step is, so what are you waiting for?

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